Saigon Tattoo Club, a professional tattoo studio was established with the mission of spreading the spirit of body art to everyone.

We arrive in Vietnam to tell our story from CONSCIENTIOUS. Over years, we have found out that modern technology (such as machine, high quality pigment), high skills and good taste of the artist are not enough to make perfect tattoos. Above all, CONSCIENTIOUS of the artist is essential for every single design and every tattoos that marked in your skin over decades.

Making perfect tattoos is our pride and honour. It is also the most fortunate duty for us, the people living with passion for art. The tattoos filled with your stories and memories will be perfectly engraved on your skin by our fascination.

Given the fact that tattooing is a kind of art born thousand years ago. Saigon Tattoo Club gives you the chance to experience the aesthetic beauty of perfect tattoo. That is the commitment that we try our best to deliver.

With that spirit, Saigon Tattoo Club becomes the first tattoo studio in Vietnam simultaneously received the sponsorship of Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment from Germany and Radiant Colors from USA.

Let us know what you need, believe in Saigon Tattoo Club, we will surely give you the most delicate tattoos ever with our CONSCIENTIOUS, PASSION AND EXPERIENCE!